Trail Maps to View & Download

Hidden Groves Master Trail Map Version (pdf)


Master Map

There is a large master map in the Kiosk with free hand out maps on the post to 

the left. The back side has a useful membership form but they aren’t really needed to find your way around

Colour coded trails

You will find coloured trail markers at ground level on your right as you leave each intersection. These correspond to the trail colours on each intersection map 

Intersection numbers

The intersection maps are individually numbered so that 911 can reach you in case of emergency

Accessibility trails

There are two trails:  a short loop and a longer ‘out and back’ 

Both are 5 feet wide, hard surfaced and gently graded


Well behaved off leash dogs are welcome here. No need for doggie bags unless you promise to take them home with you


It can get tinder dry in the summer. No smoking on the trails please